My name is James Brindley and I am a photographer.

I first got behind a lens in 2012 while I was a musician touring far and wide with my band For the Foxes. In an effort to become self-sufficient in producing our own photo and video content, we invested in camera equipment to take on the road with us. Naturally, I found myself being the one bearing the camera around my neck. Fast forward a little bit and I was producing, shooting, and editing videos that would collect millions of YouTube views and national television airplay.

When our group disbanded a few years later, I kept my camera close and in 2015 I relocated from New Jersey to Charleston, South Carolina.

Once I arrived in Charleston I decided that my camera was going to be my livelihood. I got myself involved in the wedding scene as a second shooter and once I learned the in’s and out’s of capturing a wedding, began photograph and film weddings on my own.

I’m very fortunate to be able to say that I love what I do. Whatever the occasion, I would love to be there with my camera to create images that last beyond a lifetime. When I’m not working you can most likley find me digging through my record collection, surfing, or taking trips down to Walt Disney World.